Top 5 tricks to update WordPress Website

Top 5 tricks to update WordPress Website

Know Top 5 tricks to update WordPress Website. Although the upgrading system of WordPress is extremely improved. However, there are still some tricks which you can use while updating your WordPress website. Amazing and easy to use dynamic WordPress Websites development in Chandigarh at very affordable prices. WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), is great at making it easy to publish your time-sensitive content, and facilitating communication between you and your clients and customers. Our WordPress web design services can develop custom WordPress themes for your project or assist you in customizing a pre-existing theme you purchase.

5 tricks to update wordpress by bhasha infotech chandigarh

Here is your Top 5 tricks  to use while updating your WordPress Website:

  1. Time of Updation
    First of all keep in mind the time of updating the website. All up-gradation and updation activities should be performed during off-peak hours, i.e. during low traffic time. It depends on your website’s traffic pattern that how much traffic comes to your website on which time. Accordingly you can manage your updation activity.
  2. Website Backup
    It is one of the most important point to remember. Do not perform updation without taking your website backup. When you have Backups ready with you then you have the surety that nothing is going to happen if you missed something during updation or something went wrong. Get complete back of your website including pages, post, content, databases etc.
  3. Turn Off Caching
    Deactivate your caching plugin. In most cases this will be W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, or Quick Cache. This ensures that you aren’t caching maintenance pages during the updates and are not otherwise interfering with the update process. You need to turn it on after you have successfully updated your WordPress
  4. Update Plugin & Theme
    Usually it is recommended to update all your plugins and Theme Framework before updating your WordPress version.
  5. Finally Update your WordPress
    Now this is the time when you have to update WordPress. Just click the automatic upgrade button and let WordPress do it automatically for you . It will take a few minutes to complete, so don’t get impatient and wait for the dashboard to come alive.

Hurray ! You have successfully updated your WordPress. Enjoy.

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