Top 11 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for WordPress Blog Promotion

Top 11 Search Engine Optimization Tips for WordPress Blog Promotion

Please find below the Top 11 Search Engine Optimization Tips for WordPress Blog Promotion

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1. Content is the KING
SEO Plugins are always helpful for successful promotion of the WordPress Blog, but above all things that matters a lot is the content of your website. When you concentrate more on quality content of your blog, more and more people would love to visit your website. As the heading explains that content is the King, so if your content is original, you can skip few of the SEO techniques too and that would not harm your website at all. So from next time when you want to promote your website, be sure that your content should be original and authentic.

2. Try Useful plugins for SEO
There are many useful plugins available in wordpress Free of cost which helps you to promote your website. They will let you know about title, meta tags, keywords, description etc. so that you can improve your search engine ranking. Along with Free Plugins there are some Paid plugins too, which have some pro features to enhance your search engine experience. You can check our article on Top 6 WordPress Plugins, which will be helpful for beginners.

3. Use Effective Keywords Technology
Keywords play a vital role in SEO of your website. Although there is no set formula for keywords density. But the more effective way is to choose only those keywords which are related to the content of that page. The user of that page should get benefit out of it. Google reviews all the information and then provide ranking to your particular page.

4. Enable Redirects
You must have seen that some website works without the prefix of www. In google search engine the website without www and with www are considered as two different websites. So always keep in mind that you should have directed your website properly. WordPress has given privilage to enter the details very easily.

5. Remove Stop words from URLs
Stop words like and, in, to etc. are oftenly used in the urls of the blog posts. These are not good from the SEO prospective. The stop words dilute the value of your keywords and google try to avoid these urls in page ranking. For ex. URL: can be better explained as It would give you more weightage in Search Engine Optimization of your website.

6. Use of Breadcrumbs
Using breadcrumbs is one of the SEO trick which you can use in your wordpress blog. Basically breadcrumbs shows the hierarchical structure of the navigation. So Google give positive points to the blog if the right breadcrumbs are used by the website. It would become easier for a user to navigate the website through breadcrumbs and they can easily know the structure of link. For Ex. Home >> Electronics >> Mobiles >> Samsung Galaxy J7. It gives clear picture to the user and google that the Samsung Galaxy J7 mobile us under Mobiles sub-category of Electronics.

7. Alt Tags for Images
Google does not encounter the text content only, but it check the Images too. Alt Tags are used to better describe the Image is all about. And google look for such meaningful images. If You have posted the image of your holidays and named it as img007321.jpg and without Alt tag, then it is of no use the users and google won’t pick this image. But if you name it as holiday-dubai and enter Alt tag also then there are chances that google will pick images for some keywords. And giving Alt tags to the images gives higher SEO score.

8. Use of XML Sitemap
Sitemap is one the way to improve the search engine visibility of your website or blog. Using XML sitemap in your website is the way to tell the google search engine about your website links. Google reads XML values and links given in it and then decide about your website. If your website does not use XML sitemap then you must be loosing one of the important factor for improving your SEO ranking.

9. Use of Robots.txt File
Through robots.txt file one can encourge or discourage the search engines to enter or not to enter in directory. If you don’t want search engine to enter in your WP-Admin section then use nofollow and discourage them.

10. Use of Permalinks in your Blog
WordPress blog allows to change the link structure and make the link URL friendly. Instead of using if you use or then it would become easier for search engines to index that page or post.

11. Use of appropriate WordPress Theme
You should take care while choosing a wordpress theme. The theme should be responsive, which means it should fit to the mobile, tab, laptop devices easily. And it should be browser compatible also, and should behave good on major browsers across the world. It is also imporatant to check that the theme should use valid W3C-compliant code.

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