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Website Maintenance

Every company needs website maintenance because “A website is never finished, It needs routine updates.”

Our team will quickly and efficiently keep your website current and updated with new content, new images, whatever your website needs. Website maintenance may be purchased by the hour, but when you subscribe to a maintenance plan, you get accelerated turn-around times and reduced maintenance pricing. Leave the updates to us, and concentrate on building your business!


  • Best for infrequent updates
    If you have website which does not need much of the updation work, then you should go with our Hourly website maintenance package. You will be billed monthly on the basis of hours spent on your website. It would save your time and money both. Please call us or send your email for further information.


  • Suitable for our customers that have full WordPress websites
    If your website was built out entirely in WordPress, and you wish to maintain your content, then we will maintain your website for content updation & Image changes etc.  Blog writing fees are charged if you would like us to create blog/article for your website. If you require additional maintenance from us, you will be billed at our normal hourly rate.


  • Suitable for our customers that have E-commerce website and doing online sale
    For your E-commerce website, we have different website maintenance plans. We can manage your website images, description, product uploading, weekly or monthly backup etc.

Monthly maintenance plans are ideal because the low pricing eliminates any hesitation to regularly post new information on your site – something that search engines look upon with favor.

Website maintenance plans include the following activities…

  • Text additions, content updates
  • Creation of forms
  • Creation of new pages (when layout remains the same)
  • Adding, deleting, changing links
  • Adding, deleting, changing meta tags as needed
  • Recommendations for higher search engine rankings
  • Email, fax, and phone tech- support during business hours